Chapter 364 From Now On, You're Mine

At that moment, Jiang Sese was too surprised to utter a word. Pressing both hands over her mouth, she stared speechlessly at Jin Fengchen with teary eyes.

Touched, she was so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement that she didn't know how to describe her feelings.

The fireworks kept going off overhead, separating the two of them from the noises outside. They looked into each other's eyes.

It was as if the two of them were the only people left in this world.

Seeing that Sese wouldn't reply, Jin Fengchen had no choice but to go on. "This might seem too sudden for you, but I've been giving it a lot of thought lately, and had put it off until today. It has taken me so long because all the plans I came up with seemed perfunctory to me. Still, I want you to see that I've always wanted to marry you. Since no time is better than now, why don't we let all the stars be our witnesses?"

He couldn't help looking up at the sky after those words, then went on. "Most of these stars belong to s
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