Chapter 368 She's Not Good Enough for Him

Jin Fengyao was so lost in his story that he completely missed the unusual change in Zifeng's mood.

A grim look flashed in her eyes. "How can such a woman be good enough for him?"

To Zifeng, Jiang Sese was just another woman who had randomly shown up in Jin Fengchen's life and gotten close to him using all her effort. Jin Fengchen, on the other hand, was a ray of sunlight to Zifeng. Jiang Sese shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengyao had been telling the story in the most exaggerated manner, but Zifeng never gave him any reply. Only then did he realize that something was off, and he asked immediately, "Zifeng, are you even listening?"

By then, Zifeng was too lost in her old memories of Jin Fengchen to hear Jin Fengyao's voice.

Seeing how absent-minded Zifeng was, Jin Fengyao couldn't take it anymore, so he raised his voice. "Zifeng!"

Zifeng snapped out of her trance-like state and gave Jin Fengyao an odd look that had a hint of vexation in it. S
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