Chapter 37 Cripple Him

She stopped in her tracks at once and scurried back inside the car.

Lan Sichen had already carried Jiang Sese out of the neighborhood entrance by then.

The unconscious woman lay limply in his embrace. Her sleeping face lacked her previous thorny distrust and appeared beautifully delicate.

Her striking facial features were as lovely as a painting.

In this state, she looked exactly like she had six years ago.

Back then, she was obedient and easy to control and manipulate.

Now, however...

Lan Sichen couldn't tolerate her disobedience, sneers, and disgust. The hint of guilt that was barely about to sprout in his heart swiftly wilted.

"Open the door," he commanded the two bodyguards flanking him in a cold voice.

The bodyguards took two steps forward and opened the passenger door as ordered.

Lan Sichen stooped down and placed Jiang Sese inside. He was about to straighten his waist and get up.

That was when he heard a sudden, loud thumping sound.

He looked up at once and saw the bodyguard bes
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Nat nat
This should be a movie !!!
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Ramirez Mysty
same thing happen to me
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I just claimed 15 bonus only for me to try to use to read a chapter and it says I just have 3 bonuses. what happened

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