Chapter 370 I Know I'm Not Good Enough for Her

Song Qingwan was on the night shift tonight. She was nodding off when she was informed that there was an emergency case, which startled her, and she wasn't sleepy anymore.

She arrived at the ER to find a familiar face there. The patient was none other than Jin Fengyao himself.

Song Qingwan was baffled to see him again so soon. "Hasn't he had his cast removed only today? Why is he here again? Does he even care about his own safety?"

While she was treating him, she asked, "Why... are you back so soon?"

Jin Fengyao shook his head and sighed. "It's not as if I planned it, but I had to save a damsel in distress. So here I am, in the hospital again."

Hearing those words and seeing Zifeng next to him, Song Qingwan was a little crestfallen.

"He probably got injured because he was trying to save her."

Preoccupied, Song Qingwan was as accurate with her work. When she was trying to give Jin Fengyao an injection, she couldn't get the needle into the right place.

Jin Fengyao cried out in pa
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