Chapter 371 A Clumsy Response

After leaving the suburbs, Jin Fengchen headed straight to his office. He wanted to sleep there to avoid disturbing Jiang Sese this late at night.

When Jiang Sese woke up early the next morning, she found Mrs. Jin looking worried and asked her what had happened as she was clueless.

"Auntie, what's wrong? Why do you look so nervous?"

Mrs. Jin looked anxious as she answered, "I heard Fengyao's injured. I'm getting ready to visit him. He's not young anymore, yet he still worries me."

Jiang Sese was alarmed. "How did Jin Fengchen get injured?"

She also began to worry after remembering that Jin Fengchen hadn't returned home last night.

She helped Mrs. Jin gather the things they would need at the hospital and left with her.

When they reached the hospital and saw Jin Fengyao's bandaged leg suspended in the air and gauze-wrapped head, Mrs. Jin stepped forward and hit him gently. "What on earth happened?" she asked angrily.

Seeing his mother angry, Jin Fengyao strenuously sat up on the
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Confusion of names between Fengyao & Fengchen.

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