Chapter 374 Stalking

Meanwhile, Zifeng had gone to see Bai Li and He Shuhan in the meeting room. The four of them continued their discussion in a tense atmosphere.

Bai Li drank some water and said solemnly, "We're now sure that three groups of people have arrived in the city. Compared to them, we do appear a little passive."

Jin Fengchen understood this very well. He lowered his head in contemplation for a moment before ordering, "Bai Li and Shuhan, keep an eye out and strike each of them where it hurts so that they can't join hands."

Their enemies were operating in the dark while they were out in the open. They must stop being passive and go into offense if they didn't want to be led by the nose.

Understanding the importance of the situation, Bai Li and He Shuhan exchanged looks and then nodded to indicate that they had received the orders.

An hour later, they finally clarified the entire situation and formulated a few countermeasures.

At that moment, Jin Fengchen told Zifeng, "I'm sure you get the
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