Chapter 376 I'll Kiss You until You Tell Me

Mrs. Jin laughed. "You were just too absorbed to notice me."

Jin Fengyao didn't miss the meaning behind his mother's words, but he laughed it off because he didn't want to confront it.

Song Qingwan immediately excused herself after seeing Mrs. Jin and left the mother and son pair to spend some family time.

As soon as Jiang Sese stepped out of the washroom, she saw a worried-looking Jin Fengchen and immediately felt her disgruntlement wash away.

"Fengchen," she called and went straight toward him.

Jin Fengchen immediately reached out to hold her, consoling her in his embrace before gently asking, "How are you? Were you injured?"

Jiang Sese was exhausted but fine. She shook her head and whispered, "I'm all right; I'm so glad to see you."

Jin Fengchen sighed in relief. Hearing her reply made him even more distressed about her.

He hugged her even tighter, wishing he could fuse her into his very being.

She savored the warmth of his embrace, deciding to just to rest in his arms in p
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