Chapter 379 You Saw Me Naked

Jin Fengyao wasn't an easy master to serve. After drinking the cup of water, he pointed to the pool of water that he had spat out. "Clean that up."

Song Qingwan was about to say that it was his fault, but she shut up when she saw him waving two fingers at her.

He was her boss, after all, so she accepted her fate and fetched a mop to clean up the pool of water.

When he finally stopped giving her trouble, she quickly went into the kitchen to check on her cooking.

Unfortunately for her, everything was scorched.

She was so angry that she wanted to choke Jin Fengyao, but after remembering that she wouldn't get her wages if he died, she threw away the burnt food and patiently prepared new dishes.

Fortunately, Jin Fengyao was so engrossed in his game that he didn't give her any more trouble.

Jin Fengyao sat at the dining table and took a few bites of the food before finally looking at Song Qingwan. "Have some, too. I can't finish everything on my own."

Just when she thought that he wa
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