Chapter 381 Someone Is Attacking

Unexpectedly, Jin Fengyao maintained his typical attitude in this situation. "Who else can do it but me?" He sent a voice message to his older brother in a leisurely tone. "What's the big deal? I've already found someone to install a security system in my villa. It's impossible to break into."

Upon mentioning the security system, Jin Fengyao felt like he had thought things through quite meticulously.

He had forked over a huge sum of money to get the security system custom-made by the biggest international Internet company. On top of that, he had found more than ten hackers to attack the system at once, but they had barely managed to scratch the surface.

However, Jin Fengchen did not think that he was being overly worried in the least. After all, there were so many possibilities in the world, and their opponent was vicious. Nobody knew just how powerful they were, so it was better to guard against them more.

All he heard was that Jin Fengchen said slowly, "Not necessarily."

His dem
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