Chapter 390 You'll Die

The female mercenary grew impatient with the male mercenary's actions and shouted, "Ben! Stop messing around!"

Hearing the woman's voice, the man's dance came to an abrupt end. Looking at the two of them clinging together, he smiled and said, "Enjoy these last moments of warmth. Very soon, you'll become a pair of star-crossed lovers.

"I know your people must be nearby, so..."

The female mercenary huffed coldly, and a remote control suddenly appeared in her hand. When Jin Fengyao saw this, all his hair stood on end and he shouted at Song Qingwan, "Run!"

Jin Fengyao wanted to run with Song Qingwan, but as his leg was still injured, he could only lean on her.

He finally understood what the man meant by fireworks. They had already laid down explosives.

Song Qingwan didn't understand Jin Fengyao's sudden agitation, but seeing the tense expression on his face, she also paled. At this moment, her body was filled with strength and she pulled Jin Fengyao behind her as she ran forward.

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Nat nat
I’m really curious to know if xiaobao is sese’s child

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