Chapter 391 I'm Very Worried about You

Jiang Sese looked at Xiaobao's adorable expression and patted his head with a smile. Lifting him up, she said, "Mommy knows that Xiaobao is a little man who can protect Mommy. Let's go upstairs to rest now, all right?"

"All right," Xiaobao replied obediently.

However, as they were going up the stairs, Jiang Sese's right eyelid wouldn't stop twitching, and panic rose in her heart. Such feelings made Jiang Sese very afraid.

"Has something actually happened to Fengchen?"

To not let Xiaobao see anything, she washed him as usual without any unusual emotion on her face.

After everything was done, Jiang Sese also lay down and patted Xiaobao's back to rock him to sleep.

But the feelings of anxiousness increased after she lay down. Jiang Sese could only sit up and watch the bright moonlight shining across the floor, but she only felt fear for the darkness of this night.

"Mommy, I'm scared..."

At this time, Xiaobao also sat up and tightly held Jiang Sese's hand.

Jiang Sese felt the swea
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