Chapter 392 I Want You to Live

As time went by, Jin Fengyao began to drift in and out of consciousness. He knew that he shouldn't fall asleep, but could barely keep his eyes open.

On the other side, Jin Fengchen had rushed into the building to search for Jin Fengyao and Song Qingwan, but he couldn't see them anywhere. When he was halfway through, the fire worsened, making it impossible for him to move any further.

The police stopped and persuaded him before he could go in again. "Mr. Jin, the fire is too big at the moment. Please wait until the firefighters put it out. It's too dangerous for you to go in now."

Seeing that the fire was indeed blazing, Jin Fengchen followed their advice and stepped out of the building.

The protective suit he had been wearing had been burnt beyond recognition. Some sparks had even gotten inside the suit onto his own clothes.

Jin Fengchen took his suit off only to find his shirt ruined. The shirt had stuck to his skin from the heat, leaving red marks on his body.

Despite the excru
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