Chapter 394 It Was All Because of Me

After the phone call ended, a hush fell over the corridor again. Both Jin Fengchen and Song Qingwan were worried about Jin Fengyao, who was still in surgery, but neither said a word and remained silent.

Two hours later, the door to the OR opened. Seeing this, Jin Fengchen and Song Qingwan immediately rushed over.

"Doctor, is he all right?" asked Song Qingwan anxiously.

Slowly taking off his mask, the doctor said, "Fortunately, he was brought to us in time, and the burn wasn't extensive. His back has been burned the worst, but it's nothing life-threatening. He can be moved into a regular ward in a few days time."

Hearing that Jin Fengyao would have to stay in the ICU, Song Qingwan drew in her breath. "Doctor, are you sure that it's not serious?"

She looked so anxious that one would think that she was the one who had been injured. The doctor couldn't help saying, "Burns are unlike other injuries, so our opinion is that it'll be better for him to stay in the ICU."

Before she could r
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