Chapter 4 A Woman Took Him Home

Jiang Sese was stunned. Before she could come up with a reply, Li Sheng was already giving her looks.

It was obvious how much the little prince liked Jiang Sese.

It would be great if she could develop a good relationship with him.

Jiang Sese had no choice but to carry him.

The little guy seemed overjoyed and tightened his hold around her neck. His eyes were twinkling like stars.

This made her adore him even more. After hoisting him up, she walked out of the door.

She thanked the little guy when she was outside the office. "Sweetie, thank you for helping me vent my anger."

"You're welcome. It's just one annoying woman. My daddy is surrounded by swarms of them. I have gotten used to them."

The pretty boy sounded so childlike, yet his authoritative tone was unmistakable.

He was just like a little adult.

Jiang Sese found this hilarious. "Gotten used to them? How old are you?"

The pretty boy sighed and said with deadly earnestness, "Well, it can't be helped. My daddy is just that handsome. Those women are like a bunch of flies, swarming him all day long. They're really hateful. But you're different, Auntie. You're pretty and gentle. I like you a lot, so… I'm going to take care of you!" (T/N: He uses a term that is reserved for mistresses.)

Jiang Sese staggered as soon as she heard his words. She nearly thought that there was something wrong with her hearing.

"Take care of?"

To think that a four- or five-year-old child said he was going to take care of her!

Jiang Sese didn't know if she should laugh or cry. She wondered if this kid even knew what "taking care" meant when he suggested it to her. However, she didn't take it to heart. Her plan was to carry him downstairs and then return to work.

To her surprise, the little guy was looking at her expectantly. "I'll take your silence as agreement, all right?"

Jiang Sese laughed in spite of herself. "Yeah, I agree."

"Really? Great! Then, you should come home with me now."

The pretty boy smiled happily, and his fair cheeks turned rosy along with it. He looked adorable.

She just wanted to take a bite out of those cheeks!

But, Jiang Sese restrained herself and said amusedly, "Come home? Well… why don't we just skip that?"

The pretty boy told her solemnly, "You have agreed to let me take care of you. Don't tell me you will go back on your word. My daddy told me that your nose will grow long if you lie."

It wasn't until now that Jiang Sese realized that this child was being serious. He wasn't joking in the slightest.

Except… he was too much of a weirdo, wasn't he?

How could such a young child say something like wanting to "take care" of someone?

What kind of education was the Jin family teaching this child?

Mid-conversation, they found themselves already downstairs.

A luxurious Rolls-Royce was parked in front of the main entrance.

A bodyguard bowed and then stepped forward to open the car door. The pretty boy was still hanging on to Jiang Sese's neck, awaiting her reply.

His intense gaze made her scalp feel numb all over. She immediately replied, "Sweetie, can't we talk about this later? I still have to work. You should go home now. As for you taking care of me, let's discuss that again next time, all right?"

"No, you have already promised me. You can't go back on your word," the pretty boy firmly replied.

Jiang Sese was beginning to feel her head ache and scolded herself for not using her brain when she talked earlier.

"What should I do now?"

Not agreeing would be equivalent to lying, but if she agreed… He was still so young. She wasn't that inhuman.

While she was still wrestling with her dilemma, the pretty boy said, "You don't want to go to my home, do you?"

Jiang Sese nodded repeatedly. "Ah, yes. The Jin family is such an affluent family, so I'm sure there are plenty of rules. Since this is our first meeting, I might be treated as a swindler if I visit. That's why I'm absolutely not going."

The pretty boy tilted his head to consider this. He seemed to find this excuse reasonable and thus said, "All right then. It's fine if you don't want to go to my home. We can go to yours."

"Cough, cough…"

Jiang Sese choked on her saliva. How did he steer the conversation back to square one?

"That won't do either?"

The pretty boy was now upset, the rims of his eyes taking on a red tinge. He looked at her pitifully. "Auntie, don't you like me?"

Jiang Sese thought her heart would break into pieces as she stared at him.

How could she not like him?

White teeth that contrasted against his reddish lips; soft, childlike yet handsome looks... She thought she would melt every time he smiled at her, all right?

Two seconds later, she admitted her loss and agreed. "All right, all right. I will bring you home. Don't cry."

She then carried the pretty boy into the backseat.

The pretty boy snuggled into Jiang Sese's embrace, hiding his victorious smile.


Meanwhile, over at the president's office at the Jin Group...

Jin Fengchen sat behind his desk, poring over a financial report.

His assistant brought in a cup of coffee and placed it on the desk. He then made a report. "President, the Little Master's bodyguard called to report that he went to Zhuoyue Creative Agency and made a fuss there today."

Jin Fengchen continued to sit upright. He didn't even look up and made a sound of acknowledgment. "Let him kick all the fuss that he wants as long as he doesn't sulk. If the agency suffers any loss, just compensate them."

Gu Nian sighed softly. "There's no loss, but… I heard that a woman took him home."

"A woman?"

As Jin Fengcheng finally raised his head, his well-defined brows knitted into a frown. "What woman?"

"She appears to be a female employee at the agency. I heard that the Little Master took a liking to her as soon as he saw her. He refused to let go of her embrace and even insisted on 'taking care' of her."

Gu Nian explained rather awkwardly.

As expected, Jin Fengchen's expression darkened when he heard what he had said. "Tell Fengyao that if he teaches Xiaobao nonsense again, I'll transfer him to our branch in Africa. He can forget about ever coming back again."


Gu Nian immediately obeyed the order. He then cautiously asked, "Then, should we send someone to fetch the Little Master?"

Jin Fengchen pinched the space between his eyebrows. He could feel a headache coming on. "No one can persuade him when he's being stubborn. I'll go. Give me the address!"

"Northern District. In a neighborhood called Furong Park."

Gu Nian hastily reported the address.

Jin Fengchen nodded. He grabbed his car keys, stood up, and left without saying anything else.
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