Chapter 400 You're Not Welcome Here

The news was almost too good to be true, and Jiang Sese was dazed on the spot.

Jin Fengchen couldn't help chuckling when he saw how astonished she was. He then asked the doctor, "What are the possibilities that the patient will wake up?"

The doctor looked through Fang Xueman's chart, then said, "The lump in the patient's head has shrunk significantly, so I would say that we're looking at a 50% chance at least."

Jiang Sese was pleasantly surprised. 50% was a very big chance.

This meant that her mother might really wake up, so she asked eagerly, "How's my mother's condition now?"

Adjusting his glasses, the doctor said, "Actually, the patient is able to wake up so soon all because of Mr. Jin.

"A while ago, Mr. Jin had some advanced medical equipment shipped over from abroad, and they have been very helpful to the patient's treatment.

"Moreover, we have invited some specialists here to treat Ms. Fang, and that's why she has been improving. I didn't notify you until now, because I wa
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