Chapter 401 Making a Younger Brother and Sister

Jiang Sese paused for a moment before pointing to her chest and saying through gritted teeth, "Hmph! There's no place for a father here anymore! It disappeared the moment he chased me out of the family!"

She was so agitated that Jin Fengchen immediately wrapped hugged her and told Jiang Zhen, "Mr. Jiang, my wife has made it clear that she doesn't welcome you. If you know what's good for you, you'd leave as quickly as possible."

His pressure was so great that Jiang Zhen knew that he would just humiliate himself by staying here, but he couldn't leave.


"Sorry, I don't think we're that close."

Jiang Zhen tried to appear chummy with Jin Fengchen, but his attempt had been ruthlessly rejected.

"Mr. Jin, please let me speak to Sese." He steadied his breathing and tried again. "Sese, I know Shen Shulan and Nuannuan were terrible back then. Honestly, I wanted to bring them here to apologize to you today."

"We're a family. Sese, please spare them, if only for my sake. Can you
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