Chapter 403 Who's Your Wife?

Out of boredom, Jiang Sese started browsing Weibo.

Much to her surprise, news of Lan Sichen and Lin Xin Yao—daughter of the Lin family—was trending and netizens were leaving comments in droves.

After reading the comments for a while, she finally found a negative one. However, the replies were fighting back, leaving the original commenter no room to retort.

It seemed that Lan Sichen had spared no effort for his upcoming marriage, even hiring ghostwriters to leave comments online. He must have been afraid of affecting his reputation and image in his fiancee's eyes.

At that moment, Jin Fengchen walked in and saw her browsing Weibo. He couldn't help but say, "What are you looking at? Lan Sichen's wedding?"

Jiang Sese didn't plan to keep it from him; she could be frank because she no longer had feelings for Lan Sichen. She nodded. "He seems to have hired quite a lot of commentators."

This wasn't strange, so Jin Fengchen didn't pay it much attention. "I suppose your sister is the one m
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