Chapter 407 Jiang Sese Is the True Owner of the Jiang Group

The Lan family blamed all their losses on Jiang Nuannuan, believing that she was the reason for the Lin family's actions.

Lan Sichen discussed with his parents how to handle the Lin family's attacks.

Not only had the Lin Group stopped all business cooperation with them, but they had even withdrawn their investment from the Lan Group. This cost the Lan Group major and immediate financial loss, even forcing some of their ongoing projects to be halted.

"I have an idea." After an idea struck Lan Baichuan, he looked at his son with a conflicted expression. "You might have to suffer a little, but will you do it for our family's sake?"

"Tell me." Lan Sichen didn't express much interest.

His father had asked him a question in a way that seemed like he was trying to arouse his interest in listening to the entire suggestion. Battling a business veteran like Lan Baichuan still required Lan Sichen to be on high alert.

Seeing Lan Sichen's interest in listening more, Lan Baichuan cleared his t
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I cant wait to know what happens

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