Chapter 408 It’s Apparent That She’s Fated to Be a Mistress

Shen Shulan was just as shocked after hearing about this; she didn't expect a hiccup at such an important turning point.

She was full of hatred for Jiang Sese's late grandfather. Back then, she had risked it all to marry Jiang Zhen on the belief that the entire company was his.

Did this not mean that they had been working for Jiang Sese all along?

"Why haven't you told me something so important? Very good, Jiang Zhen. It turns out that you don't own a single thing! You made a maiden like me marry you for nothing!" Shen Shulan said angrily.

She felt like Jiang Zhen had played her for a fool and even made her give birth to his child. Just the thought of it filled her with indignation.

Jiang Zhen couldn't defend himself from her criticism.

"I only learned about this afterward. Why are you shouting at me? Do you think I haven't tried coming up with countermeasures? But, I don't have access to the old man's will at all. What can I do?"

He lit up a cigarette and spoke to her in a plac
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