Chapter 415 Destined to Be a Sleepless Night

He Shuhan had been focused on talking to Zifeng and didn't notice Bai Li off to the side.

When he was done comforting Zifeng, he found that Bai Li was also drunk and was also muttering nonsense.

"Why can't you see everything I've done for you..."

Seeing his drunken state, He Shuhan immediately got angry.

He asked the server for a glass of ice water and splashed it on Bai Li's face. Bai Li started to awaken and looked at He Shuhan in confusion.

"Bai Li, wake up. I didn't call you out today to get drunk!" He Shuhan said loudly.

It was only now that Bai Li came back to his senses and realized he had acted inappropriately earlier.

Of the three of them, he was the best at hiding his emotions. But today, he saw how despondent Zifeng had been over Jin Fengchen, and he felt truly jealous. That was why he had drunk too much.


Seeing the angry He Shuhan, Bai Li didn't know what to say.

"All right, all right. Now that Zifeng is drunk, you can take her home. Remember, don't do anyt
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