Chapter 416 Bequest

Jiang Sese could not help feeling slightly anxious. This was, after all, the inheritance her grandfather left to her in his final bequest.

But what should she say if she were to meet any one of his old friends and what attitude should she carry to bear the burden of her grandfather's legacy?

Jin Fengchen squeezed her hand, sensing her tensing up.

"Relax. I'm right here with you," he said, kissing her on the forehead. Then he rapped on the timber frame of the closed door before them.

"Who is it?" A deep growl emanated from inside.

"Hi there, old sir. I am Jin Fengchen. I believe we have an appointment," Jin Fengchen settled himself before replying.

"Oh? Come on in then."

The old man opened the door to let them in and led them inside.

Uptight and fidgety, Jiang Sese could hardly not steal a glance at their host, only to meet the old lawyer's stare and she quickly kept her head down.

She was feeling as if she had been driven up against the wall when the elderly lawyer first spoke
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This is crazy
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