Chapter 418 Off the Edge

The crazy woman chased after her like a bloodhound tracking down a scent. She bolted up the stairs right behind her, eager not to allow her even a brief second of reprieve.

Eventually, she began to tire as she finally reached the end of the steps leading up. Her pursuit led her up to a seemingly empty rooftop with only Jiang Sese waiting for her.

What seemed like an eternity was only a split-second as she paused to stare at the lone figure of her prey. Then she lunged, brandishing her kitchen cleaver fiercely as she charged.

But they were too fast; the rest of the people were still very much far behind. Out of breath, Jiang Sese gazed at her assailant, feeling fear and panic gripping her instantly.

The madwoman stole a look at her kitchen knife and grinned wickedly, "I've cornered you at last."

Hearing those words almost made Jiang Sese's blood run cold. She glared back at her assailant, feeling a tinge of anger in the midst of her fear.

"So, the madwoman is not mad after all. Th
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