Chapter 419 Don't Let Go

Song Qingwan and Jiang Sese were too busy clinging on to dear life that they couldn't turn their attention to the new threat.

Jin Fengyao saw the woman closing in. His eyes opened wide and, disregarding his own injury, he leaped forward and swung his crutch.

The woman only had her eyes on Jiang Sese that she hardly noticed Jin Fengyao coming at her.

His crutch flew through the air and struck the back of the woman's leg, causing her to fall face-first into the ground.

This breathed new life into Jiang Sese's and Song Qingwan's struggles, buying them more time to hold on.

Down below on the first floor, choruses of screams and cries came from many of the hospital staff, patients and their family members who rushed outside with many of them carrying blankets and inflated mattresses.

Some even hurried to lay the items on the ground, fearing for the people hanging up above.

They watched from below with their breaths held to the point of discomfort at the two people fighting to stay al
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