Chapter 42 Heartbroken

Xiaobao was so upset that his tender voice was choked with emotion.

An expressionless Jin Fengchen pursed his lips in silence.

"Auntie Sese even called me this afternoon. She said that she would sleep with me tonight. Did you make her so angry that she ran away? Go and admit your mistake now. Go and bring her home."

Xiaobao clenched tightly onto Jin Fengchen's trouser legs.

In an increasingly unhappy voice, Jin Fengchen said, "Be obedient. Don't look for Auntie Sese anymore."

Not only was Auntie Sese gone, but his father was even scolding him. Xiaobao became even more upset. He ran back into his room in a fit of anger.

Jin Fengchen kneaded the space between his eyebrows. Ignoring his son, he returned to his room and lit up a cigarette. All he could think about Jiang Sese's words earlier.

His gaze was deep and profound.

What exactly had happened in her past?

He didn't want to investigate it, for he knew it was a taboo for her. He had been so confident and sure of himself before, but he
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Irene Seah
Xiaobao's character is just so unrealistic for a three year old. His speech and actions so far in this story makes me think of someone who is a teen or older instead of a toddler. This is the part of the story that is quite ridiculous. The rest of the story is superb!

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