Chapter 420 Disguise

With the madwoman now subdued and arrested, Jin Fengyao yelled at the top of his voice, "WHAT ARE YOU ALL STANDING THERE FOR?! COME HELP!"

Only then did the doctors and security personnel wake from their stupor. They rushed toward the three of them and helped them to safety.

Any later and Jiang Sese would have not been the only casualty that day.

Caught in between pulling Jiang Sese and holding on to Jin Fengyao, Song Qingwan looked especially fatigued, and her face was now a pallid, pale white.

Jiang Sese looked no better herself. Her knee nearly gave way when she finally regained the sensation of standing on solid ground, and she would have fallen if not for Jin Fengchen's timely arrival to take her into his arms.

His strong arms coiled around her like a bearhug, trying to embed her into himself.

But Jiang Sese could feel the tremble from his arms. He must have been so horrified to see her hanging up in the air that his heart felt as if it was hanging by a thread.

At the very
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