Chapter 422 Temptations and Threats

Neither of them spoke. Time seemed to have stopped.

However, Jin Fengchen's powerful and severe aura suffocated the woman and she spoke first. "Why is it you again? What else do you want to do to me? Or is there something you want to know?"

"I'm Jin Fengchen, the husband of the woman you tried to kill yesterday." Jin Fengchen stared coldly at her.

The woman couldn't hold back her surprise after hearing his name.

"So, this is Jin Fengchen..."

In this city, his was an existence they could only dream of.

Who would have thought that there would be a day when she could sit with him.

Upon learning his identity, the woman quickly suppressed her surprise. Not only did she not panic, but her expression was one of negotiation as she looked directly at Jin Fengchen.

"What do you want to learn from me?"

She knew that Jin Fengchen must have wanted something from her, otherwise, he wouldn't come to visit someone as insignificant as her.

"Tell me who is directing you and I can grant you one
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