Chapter 423 I'll Kill You Eventually

The police officer was scared by his expression. Afraid of a complaint against him, he hurriedly asked, "Young Master Jin, the police station can send someone to investigate this. Surely there's no need to send your assistant?"

Hearing this, Jin Fengchen's brows rose. "My assistant can handle it. There's no need to waste public resources for a small matter like this."

The police officer was surprised by Jin Fengchen's lack of airs.

This was a busy time and everyone was occupied with their own tasks.

Gu Nian had only been on an hour when he came rushing back.

Jin Fengchen immediately stood up when he saw he had returned. "How as it? Did you find something?"

Gu Nian nodded, but his expression said that matters were not that simple.

"What is it? What happened?"

A negative thought rose in Jin Fengchen's mind. If someone was trying to hinder his efforts from within and destroyed the evidence, this matter would become very thorny.

"Was the evidence destroyed?" As Jin Fengchen was to
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