Chapter 424 I’m Just an Accident

Unable to provide Jiang Sese with a basic feeling of safety, he began to doubt himself for the first time.

Gu Nian slowly pressed down on the brakes and brought the car to the smooth stop at the door. "We're here."

Jin Fengchen made a light sound of acknowledgment and went inside.

Perhaps it was because he felt the warmth of home, but when he walked in, he felt his heart warm slightly.

He looked around and didn't see Jiang Sese. He felt anxious for a moment and quickly went upstairs.

He found Jiang Sese drawing with Xiaobao in the study. The two of them were leaning against each other while chatting and laughing.

In Jin Fengchen's eyes, nothing was better than a scene like this.

Perhaps his gaze was too heated and Jiang Sese had no choice but to notice him.

She heard his slightly heavy breathing and quickly asked, "What happened? Why were you in such a hurry? Did something happen?"

Jin Fengchen shook his head. "Nothing happened. I just missed you and wanted to see you earlier.
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