Chapter 436 Everyone Kicks a Man When He Is Down

As soon as those words came out of Lin Yuan's mouth, Jiang Zhen could not refute him anymore.

After all, Jiang Zhen was fighting against hopeless odds. Moreover, he had done so many things for his personal gain to the detriment of others in the past. It could very well be said that driving him out would be a piece of cake.

Everyone kicks a man when he is down.

"In that case, President Jiang, I think you..." Lin Yuan stood there with his head lowered as he looked at Jiang Zhen with a smile.

Jiang Zhen snorted coldly. He stood up with a whoosh at once and said disdainfully, "I don't need you to see me out. I'll leave by myself."

When Jiang Zhen rose to his feet, Lin Yuan could finally become the chairman of the board of directors, just as he desired.

"Congratulations, Director Lin."

Everybody rushed forward to congratulate Lin Yuan while Jiang Zhen was still present.

In an instant, Jiang Zhen could finally see for himself the fickleness of human nature.

"Lin Yuan, do you really
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