Chapter 437 How Does It Feel to Occupy Someone's Place?

Jiang Sese was no fool. News of the Jiang Group's ownership transfer had been spreading like wildfire lately.

Even if she was slow, she began to suspect something after seeing how busy Jin Fengchen had been.

Today, Jin Fengchen continued working at his desk after dinner and didn't even look up when Jiang Sese called his name twice.

She put down the glass of hot milk in her hand. "Fengchen, tell me the truth. Have you been working on the Jiang Group matters lately?"

Knowing that he couldn't hide it from her, he nodded. "I can't just watch your family's property fall into someone else's hands."

Jiang Sese wanted to say that she had nothing to do with the Jiang family anymore.

Therefore, the fate of the Jiang Group didn't matter to her.

Before she could reply, he added, "I know you don't want to fight with them, but many shareholders don't want to see a change in ownership too. You're the rightful heir, and you'll be preserving the company by becoming the chairman."


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