Chapter 439 Conspiracy

A janitor who was trying to sleep nearby snapped at Jiang Nuannuan after hearing her speak. "Shut up! I'm trying to sleep!"

The janitor might be half-awake or a foreigner because his English sounded strange. Fortunately, she understood him all the same.

After grasping what he had meant, Jiang Nuannuan quietly left after a quick apology in English.

She had become so unwelcomed anywhere that she didn't even dare to offend a janitor.

She had killed Jiang Sese in her mind a thousand times, but she couldn't do it in reality. Even survival was becoming impossible.

Suddenly, an idea hit her and reminded her of someone.

Ji Chen.

The Stephen Group headquarters was located in this city, so it wouldn't be hard for her to find Ji Chen. Knowing how much Ji Chen detested Jin Fengchen, all she had to do was get his help to kill Jin Fengchen and his wife.

The company had seen better days. After offending Jin Fengchen, the Stephen Group was still recovering from the trouble that he had given th
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