Chapter 440 Guess Whose Side She'll Take

Jiang Nuannuan stopped talking and observed Ji Chen's expression instead.

On the wide executive chair, Ji Chen's expression was dark and untelling as he tapped his curved index finger on the desk. Finally, a single word came out of his thin lips. "Continue."

Jiang Nuannuan's eyes lit up and she continued, "If we get someone to impersonate Xiaobao's biological mother, it'll become chaotic on their end."

Ji Chen sneered. He had dealt with Jin Fengchen numerous times and knew that the man was so calm that he was almost cold-hearted. He could hardly imagine Jin Fengchen looking unperturbed.

"That's your plan? You've greatly underestimated Jin Fengchen."

Jiang Nuannuan chuckled. "No, we'll start with Mrs. Jin. Jin Fengchen is filial and obedient to his mother, and Mrs. Jin dotes on her grandson. If her grandson's biological mother returns, guess whose side she'll take."

Ji Chen straightened his back to reflect his interest in her proposition.

Jiang Nuannuan smirked, knowing that he w
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