Chapter 442 A Beauty Throwing Herself Into My Arms

When they reached the hospital, Jin Fengchen asked, "Why don't I stay and accompany you for the examination?"

Jin Fengyao shook his head repeatedly. "No thanks. Just go to work, Brother. It's not early anymore, and I'm completely fine."

"But, your leg..."

Jin Fengyao pointed to the doctors and nurses in the hospital and said disdainfully, "They'll do. You're no help even if you stay here."

Speechless, Jin Fengchen retorted, "Who cares about you?"

He turned around and left.

Even so, he wasn't fully assured and decided to tell Song Qingwan to watch after Jin Fengyao.

Song Qingwan immediately agreed. She was quite envious of the brothers' good relationship.

People often said that brotherhood didn't exist in rich and influential families, but those two weren't like that at all.

After a two-hour-long examination, Song Qingwan asked, "Do you want your brother to pick you up?"

"No, I don't want to go home first."

Song Qingwan was speechless and wondered what on earth this Young Mas
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