Chapter 443 Love Letter

Jin Fengyao's words were like a sudden bolt of lightning striking Song Qingwan's ears.

She thought she had misheard him or encountered a delusion, but reality proved that she had heard him correctly.

"Jin Fengyao, do you know what you're saying?" Her voice was shaking.

Worried about shocking her with his sudden request, Jin Fengyao immediately explained, "Of course. Lil' Wan, I'm not joking here. I'm being sincere."

He wanted to hold her hand but she evaded his touch once again.

She looked at him in confusion and asked, emphasizing every word, "Jin Fengyao, do you know what it means to like someone? To love someone? Have you wondered what is it that you like about me?"

"I..." Jin Fengyao didn't know how to answer her.

He had always treated everything with a healthy dose of cynicism, and it had become his habit as well. He had never truly fallen for someone.

All he knew was that his feelings for Song Qingwan were different from everyone else.

But, he couldn't really explain wha
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