Chapter 444 It Has Nothing to Do With Her

Jin Fengchen looked like the type to remain a bachelor, but he was the undisputed flirting champion that even Jin Fengyao had to acknowledge.

The moment he thought about it, he put it into action and went to Jin Fengchen's bedroom.

He stopped short of knocking the door.

"Wouldn't I be losing face if I just ask him like this?"

Putting aside his brother's reaction, his sister-in-law would surely laugh at him.

"Forget it, let's think of something else instead."

He didn't want to be looked down on, so he had to return to his room in low spirits.

Jin Fengyao spent the next few days cooped up in his room, and he would only meet his family during meals.

Mrs. Jin could tell that her son was acting odd; why was he acting like a completely different person?

Knowing Jin Fengyao, he should have gone out and fooled around instead of staying home like a good boy.

Mrs. Jin sneaked upstairs, wanting to find out what was happening to him.

To her surprise, they stumbled into each other awkwa
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