Chapter 448 I'm Xiaobao's Mother

The next day...

Early the next morning, after Xiaobao left for school, Jiang Sese went to work.

There was a pile of files on her desk, and her eyes were already tired after she had gone through half of them, so she stood up and looked out of the window.

Her phone rang at that moment.

Jiang Sese cheered up when she saw the caller ID, and her fatigue was completely vanished.

"Fengchen." She called his name cheerfully.

Jin Fengchen hadn't come back yet, but he had been calling her every day.

Jin Fengchen chuckled on the other end. "Where are you now?"

"At the office. I'm going through some files." Jiang Sese felt her ears tingle; the guy's voice was so sexy that she thought her ears were going to get pregnant.

"I'm hopeless. Even Jin Fengchen's chuckle can make me blush." Rubbing her ears, Jiang Sese thought embarrassedly to herself.

"Impressive." Jin Fengchen offered his compliment.

Sticking out her chest, Jiang Sese said proudly, "Of course I'm impressive. I'm that good."

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