Chapter 450 I'm His Mother!

That night, after tucking Xiaobao in, Jiang Sese quietly closed the door before going to Mrs. Jin's room.

Mrs. Jin was surprised to see her visitor. "Sese, is Xiaobao asleep yet? Why are you here?"

"Yes, he is." Jiang Sese smiled, leaning on the door frame. She then looked at Mrs. Jin, asking, "Mom, are you not feeling well?"

Mrs. Jin was bewildered. "Why do you say that?"

Jiang Sese had noticed during dinner that Mrs. Jin had been feeling ill at ease. She had paid more attention to her grandson than usual, and it worried Jiang Sese.

"You look upset." After a pause, Jiang Sese explained.

Mrs. Jin was greatly touched by her daughter-in-law's concern for her, but she was soon reminded of Sheng Zhixia. Despite the upsetting feeling, she didn't let anything show. Smiling, she said, "Don't worry. I probably just got tired from all the shopping today."

Jiang Sese immediately said, "Then you should go to bed. Good night."

Mrs. Jin watched Jiang Sese from behind as she left, then close
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