Chapter 451 I Have a Surprise for Her

Mrs. Jin didn't look too good when she left the cafe.

The last bit of Sheng Zhixia's speech had especially upset Mrs. Jin. She wondered if she didn't give the woman the answer she wanted, would she keep nagging her family?

Mrs. Jin hailed a taxi and went back home, but she looked preoccupied for the rest of the day.

Jin Fengchen came back home for dinner that evening, and the family enjoyed their meal together.

Seeing the affectionate interactions between her son and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Jin found it even harder to bring up the subject.

After dinner, while Jiang Sese went to take a shower in her own room, Mrs. Jin summoned her husband and two sons to the study, which perplexed the three men. Jin Fengyao said teasingly, "Mom, are we having a family meeting? We're one person short; my sister-in-law isn't here yet."

Mrs. Jin shook her head and said hastily, "We're not waiting for her. She can't find out about this."

Jin Fengyao was surprised. "What is it about? Why do we have to k
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I have spend so much money in this story haissst

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