Chapter 454 A Sly Trick

On second thought, since Jiang Nuannuan had promised that she would take care of it, Sheng Zhixia decided to leave it to her.

After changing into her nightgown, she walked into the bathroom.

Studying her curvaceous body in the mirror, she couldn't help chuckling. "No man can resist this."

She wouldn't believe that Jin Fengchen was such an upright man.

She had her own plan as well. Once she had successfully become a member of the Jin Family, she would divulge Jiang Nuannuan's name.

A woman like Jiang Nuannuan was too dangerous, and Sheng Zhixia wouldn't leave her own happiness in someone else's hands.

As the water slowly filled the bathtub, steam covered the mirror.

The reflection in the mirror became a blur.

Meanwhile, Jin Fengchen sent Sheng Zhixia's hair to the hospital to have it tested soon after he obtained it.

Although he didn't think that Sheng Zhixia could be Xiaobao's mother, he couldn't be 100% sure either.

After all, a lot of seemingly impossible things had turned
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Ang Ela
How did she get the heart so fast and how did she know the hospital I don’t like this book again
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Memories Pauline
It's like no ending "Ang Probinsiyano"
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they dragging to much hmmft I don't want to read this book

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