Chapter 456 This Has to Be a Mistake

A report lay on the desk in front of Jin Fengchen.

He stared at the conclusion of the maternity test, and the probability of it being a positive result was higher than 99.99%...

It was a near certainty that Sheng Zhixia and Xiaobao were mother and son.

"This is impossible," said Jin Fengchen hoarsely. He looked up abruptly at the doctor and stressed each word when he said, "This has to be a mistake."

Adjusting his glasses, the doctor sighed in resignation. "We're very careful with our samples. That is to say, if the samples are correct, so are the results."

Jin Fengchen had taken the sample himself. He believed that no one would dare to try anything under his watch, unless they had a death wish.

But Jin Fengchen wouldn't accept this conclusion. Before he knew it, he was giving off an intimidating air, and the temperature in the room seemed to drop abruptly. When he spoke again, there was no warmth in his voice. "Can you guarantee that no mistake has been made during the test?"

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