Chapter 457 My Only Love

After staying out in the cool wind for a while, Jin Fengchen completely calmed down before driving back to the office.

He received a phone call from Jin Fengyao as soon as he sat down, and the man yelled at the top of his lungs on the other end. "Brother, I heard that the test result is back. Is that woman really Xiaobao's mother?"

Jin Fengchen's voice was as cold as ice. "Don't believe everything you're told."

Jin Fengyao wailed. "I didn't want to, but Mom told me so. Brother, is that true?"

Jin Fengchen found his brother very annoying at the moment, so he hung up with an expressionless face.

However, less than half an hour later, Jin Fengyao showed up outside Jin Fengchen's office.

"Brother, we need to talk," said Jin Fengyao seriously, and he actually sounded sincere.

Tossing away his pen and leaning back in his chair, Jin Fengchen said indifferently, "Shoot."

So many things were going on in his head at the moment that he needed to talk to someone as well, but he wasn't goin
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