Chapter 46 I Won't Let Anyone Bully Her

Jiang Sese's tears fell uncontrollably at the thought of her mother.

What should she do now?

Ask Jin Fengchen for help?

But, she said she would sever ties with him. Moreover, if Jiang Zhen truly did anything to her mother...

Shen Mubai, who was returning to the hospital after having a meal outside, happened to see her squatting outside the entrance. He was stunned when he realized that it was Jiang Sese and that she was weeping.

What happened?

He didn't walk up to her to ask what was happening, choosing to enter the hospital in silence.

He had heard about Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen's situation from Jin Fengyao a few days ago.

Jiang Sese must be here at the hospital because of her mother!

If his memory served him right, Jiang Sese's mother was hospitalized in the neurology department. He went straight to the department's reception and asked, "Is there something wrong with the patient in Ward No. 203?"

The young nurse was spellbound by his pretty face and it took her a few mom
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EL Khoo
these books have lots of chapters. I'm reading another elsewhere, 1000+ chapters
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Onyinyechi Nnadede Nwefoh
how many chapters does it really have??
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Onyinyechi Nnadede Nwefoh
when is it ever going to end. I'm getting impatient already

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