Chapter 460 Don't Blame Me for Being Cruel

Meanwhile, Jiang Sese woke up to the media bombardment.

She couldn't help feeling perplexed. "Is this unforgivable person they described really me?

"What do they mean by 'the arrogant homewrecker' or 'stealing another woman's husband'?"

However, she realized what it was about after reading through the article.

Her face paled, and her fingers were trembling when she held the phone.

Jin Fengchen came out of the bathroom at that moment, and when he saw the look on her face, he asked Jiang Sese what happened.

"Sese, what's wrong? Are you all right?"

Jiang Sese handed him the phone.

After reading the article, Jin Fengchen couldn't believe his eyes. "How twisted the author's mind had to be to write such a piece!

"The person might as well call white black!"

Without another word, Jin Fengchen took the phone to his study.

His face had turned livid. No media in North City had ever dared to fabricate news about the Jin Group.

Moreover, the content of the article was outright slander o
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