Chapter 462 Who Will Benefit the Most?

A couple of days later, instead of quieting down, the criticisms seemed to have become even more violent.

Jin Fengchen had only arrived at his office one day when a few senior managers knocked on the door and walked in.

"Mr. Jin, the public opinion isn't doing us any favors at all. Many parties are lurking in the dark, waiting for something to happen to us. That way, they'll be able to take advantage of the situation."

"That's right. Our stock price has been falling since the market opened today, and it has been like that for a few days in a row."

"We were about to sign a contract with a company, but they've been stalling us for a few days, making all kinds of excuses. It's obvious that they're on the fence."

They went on like this, as if the Jin Group could go bankrupt at any moment.

Jin Fengchen was reading files the entire time and would sign a document every now and then.

The senior managers exchanged bewildered looks, and one of them cleared his throat. "Mr. Jin?"

When Jin
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