Chapter 463 The Third Woman

Meanwhile, all hell had broken loose in the Jiang Group again. Things had just gotten back to normal after the previous incident, but now, they were facing bankruptcy once more.

Sitting in the conference room, Jiang Sese felt conflicted as she looked at the others around the table.

Jiang Zhen couldn't look more pleased and was ready to enjoy the show.

After a long while, Jiang Sese spoke in an unhurried voice.

"I believe that you've all heard about the recent false accusation about me. All the rumors have had a negative impact on our business.

"I don't think I should be blamed for this, though. You've all seen what the Jiang Group was like before, so I hope that no one here will have a different opinion about our company now.

"And I certainly don't want to see anyone trying to aggravate our problem. Our common goal is to run this company properly; only then can we achieve a win-win situation."

Jiang Zhen retorted as soon as Jiang Sese finished, "You're the chairwoman of the Jian
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