Chapter 472 A Little Granddaughter

The car drove towards the Jin Family's villa and pulled over at the entrance.

Xiaobao was up to his old tricks again and wanted Jiang Sese to carry him. To his surprise, when he stretched out his hands, he fell into an even bigger and stronger embrace.

Xiaobao squirmed his body as he reluctantly let Jin Fengchen carried him home.

After dinner, the Jin Family would usually sit together and have a chat. Today was no exception either.

"From what I can remember, Xiaobao's competition is coming up soon. What's the exact date again?" Jin Fengyao asked with a smile.

Mrs. Jin glanced at him and rebuked, "It's two days later. What kind of an uncle are you?"

"Oh my, look at this memory of mine. Xiaobao, you can do it. Uncle will be there to root for you then. Win the champion and show Uncle what you're capable of." Jin Fengyao winked at Xiaobao.

"It doesn't matter if he's the champion or not. Even if he's ranked last, he's also my grandson," Mr. Jin said domineeringly.

Jin Fengyao shrugg
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