Chapter 475 Being Ruthless

"Don't worry, Zifeng will surely bring her back for us."

As Jin Fengchen spoke, he pulled Jiang Sese into his embrace and comforted her.

Although Jiang Sese knew how efficient Zifeng was at work, she still had her doubts about Zifeng.

After all, Zifeng had always been two-faced. Thus, Jiang Sese did not approve of her.


Jiang Sese responded flatly and did not talk any further.

At this very moment overseas, Ji Chen was wearing a somber expression on his face as he stared at Jiang Nuannuan with an icy gaze, as if he wanted to make mincemeat out of her.

Jiang Nuannuan knew that she had not done a good job this time. She did not dare to utter a single word and quietly sat opposite Ji Chen.

"President Ji, those people on the other side are quite unhappy about the repercussions of the incident this time. They have put the word out that they are going to find someone to re-replace you…"

The assistant hung his head as he conveyed the news with a quiver in his voice, fearful that
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