Chapter 477 You Will Suffer the Consequences

Although logic told her that Jiang Nuannuan could be lying, Zifeng wanted to take a gamble.

Thinking of this, darkness flashed across Zifeng's eyes.

"No wonder when Xiaobao was with Jiang Sese, they were so close. Blood connections were truly remarkable."

As for Jiang Nuannuan, she couldn't be allowed to remain in the country—much less get near Jiang Sese.

"If this woman is untrustworthy, then it's all over for me."

Just as Zifeng was thinking about these things, her phone rang.

Zifeng startled then she saw that it was Bai Li's name flashing across her screen and she immediately relaxed.

Somewhat impatiently, she picked up the call.

"Zifeng, I heard you went overseas to pursue Jiang Nuannuan. How is it going? Have you had any success? Do you need my help?"

Bai Li's voice carried hints of intoxication. Zifeng frowned. "I'm very busy right now. If you don't have anything important, don't call me. I don't have extra time."

Realizing that Zifeng was about to hang up, Bai Li hurri
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why she made a stupid choice??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

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