Chapter 478 You're Going to Be a Father

Dinner was sumptuous as always. However, Jiang Sese looked at the dishes on the table and couldn't work up an appetite.

Because of Jin Fengchen's favoritism, most of the meat dishes were on Jiang Sese's side of the table.

Without an appetite, she just ate a few mouthfuls of vegetables. It tasted as if she was chewing wax, completely flavorless.

Jin Fengchen looked at her listless expression and couldn't help but feel worried.

"What's wrong? Sese, is tonight's food not to your taste? You've barely eaten anything."

Jiang Sese shook her head and smiled at Jin Fengchen. "It's fine. Perhaps it's because I'm tired today so I don't have much appetite. I also feel a bit nauseated."

Jin Fengchen didn't think much about it and only said with concern, "If you're tired, go upstairs and rest. If you get hungry at night, have the nanny make something for you."

Jiang Sese nodded, then she put down her chopsticks and went upstairs to rest.

It was strange. When she saw the delicious food on the
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