Chapter 479 Jiang Sese, I Hate You!

The news of Jiang Sese's pregnancy made the whole family happy, particularly Mrs. Jin.

Thinking of the fact that she would be able to hold another grandchild soon, she went about her day with a smile.

The next day, Mrs. Jin eagerly suggested going shopping at a mother and infant store.

"Sese, it's best to get some things ready early, so that you're not in a panic when the child arrives. Let's go have a look today. Pick what you like. I'll pay."

Hearing this, Jiang Sese smiled. She also contacted Song Qingwan.

It just so happened that Song Qingwan also wasn't busy, so the three women happily went to the market.

"Sister Sese, look, isn't this pretty? It's so cute!"

Song Qingwan came over with a set of infant clothing and pulled Jiang Sese to have a look.

Although the set of clothing was nice, it wasn't for newborn children.

It would be for at least a one-year-old child, it was a bit early to get it right now.

Jiang Sese put the clothes back on the rack and said with a smile, "C
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